Firstly, I am as my name says, a Christian. Jesus Christ and His ministries come first in my life, with everything else finding a place inside of that priority. If you don't know, you gotta meet this guy!

As for the actual bio stuff, I'm a 28 year old Character Animator living in North Carolina. I enjoy all kinds of juice, think people who burn incense find pleasure in suffering from migraines and generally feel that any film with Christopher Walken in it is worth owning (I still can't believe he was in both Gigli and Kangaroo Jack).

Life to me is about inspiration and creativty, and the world is in short supply of fresh viewpoints. Imagination may just be the secret to this ride.

As the Queen of Hearts said in Alice and Wonderland, "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast!"

+ Christian Reese